The Covz

Friday Night - 11:45pm to 1:30am @ The Whisk(e)y | 21+

Powerful Expressive Tasty

Blunt, brash, and heart-soaked; The Covz are made up for four young men fighting for their chance to be heard. With a tenacious lead singer and a thirst for music, this band has put everything on the line in search for distinction. Battling through homelessness and heartache, their tracks communicate the sensation of love gained and lost through the eyes of a young man trying to find his footing.
The Covz comprise of two brothers, a staggering electric guitarist, and an engineer bassist roaring together. Their sound pours through the warm flow of Coldplay through the impetuous personality of The Doors.
Since their formation at the start of 2014, The Covz have released their debut album fittingly titled “One Day This Will All Make Sense”. The title complements the poised disposition of a youthful group heading into the unknown. Fresh in style and resolute in character, The Covz are here to stay.

Ian Schroff Vox/Guitar, Josiah Schroff Drums, Johnathan Gleason Lead Guitar, Adam Ulissey Bass