Nice Hat, Mister

Friday Night - 5:45pm to 6:30pm @ Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House | All Ages

Progressive Bluegrass

Nice Hat, Mister is a progressive bluegrass band that combines the Slocumb Family Band members Eli and Ben, with talented artists Rob Blackburn, James Allen, and Jan Peterson. Nice Hat, Mister performed at FocoMx 2015 (Avogadro’s Number), at The Mishawaka as part of the RISE Vol. I music festival in June 2015, and at Avograss 2015. Fifteen year old Eli Slocumb is a rising bluegrass musician and was featured in the December 2014 Colorado Bluegrass Music Society (CBMS) Power Pickin' newsletter. In September 2014 he recorded his original song Rockslide on the RISE Volume I CD, which is a compilation CD of Fort Collins youth musicians. Rob Blackburn spent time in North Carolina playing bluegrass before moving to Fort Collins and now plays regularly in with multiple music groups.  James Allen is an accomplished fiddle player who has been part of several bluegrass bands. Jan Peterson is a veteran bluegrass musician who has performed on the national bluegrass circuit and who now performs regularly in Fort Collins at Avo’s and is the host of the mid-week bluegrass jam.  Nice Hat, Mister performs regularly in the Fort Collin area.

Eli Slocumb - Mandolin

Ben Slocumb - Guitar, Vocals

Rob Blackburn - Guitar, Vocals

James Allen - Fiddle, Vocals

Jan Peterson - Bass, Vocals