Saturday Night - 8:15pm to 9:00pm @ The Mayor of Old Town | All Ages

10 Cent Stranger

Wyoming Grown Music


We are the 10¢ Stranger and we call Laramie WY home.  As a way to survive the windy WY winters we all love, we created 10¢ Stranger. This project quickly became a social club for friendship and creativity.  Our music is influenced by genres as vast and varied as our life experiences.  Bob Lefevre (Bondurant, Tie Hack) is our primary songwriter.  His ability to weave intricate stories into simple phrases allows us to create songs that are relevant, timeless, clever and necessary.  With the versatile playing of Jay Shogren (J Shogren Shanghaii'd), Jackson Clarendon (Libby Creek Original), and Shawn Hess (Tie Hack, Elktongue), coupled with the vocals of Laniece Schleicher (Mama Lenny and the Remedy) and Elianna Paninos, we've found a sound uniquely our own. We draw on decades of collective musical experience to provide an entertaining and energetic show. Whether you're in the mood to stomp your feet or spin in circles, we've got something for everyone.