The 14ers

Mountaintop Folk-Pop

Life is short, do the things you love. Ryan Kirkpatrick brews lively lyrics with catchy acoustic based songs, spends lots of time outdoors, and laughs a lot. The 14ers (named after Colorado’s highest mountain peaks) is a musical adventure led by Kirkpatrick himself.

The 14ers have worn a path around the US and have shared the stage with acts such as Donavon Frankenreiter, The Wind and The Wave, Rusted Root, Howie Day and Brushfire Records’ ALO just to name a few. At the helm of the songwriting ship, Kirkpatrick writes about anything that makes him smile — including adventure, friends, love, and fun. This refreshing “mountaintop folk-pop” style of music is best enjoyed outdoors, as is evidenced by the new single “Mountain Town” that Kirkpatrick wrote almost entirely while riding on ski lift chairs and in hot-air balloon baskets:

“Avalanche bombs and beeps from the plows

Champagne powder buries our house

We hit the hill — it’s still coming down

It’s a good life in a mountain town”

And if creating music that feels this good is a crime — there are many talented musicians that are guilty by their association with The 14ers. Barry Bates (drums), Stu Cruden (bass), Jacob Anderson (keys), and Paul Martin (electric guitar) most frequently join Kirkpatrick in a variety of stage footprints that range from stripped-down intimate sets to full-band shows… and the full-blown fun vibes are guaranteed either way! Kirkpatrick is finishing up a multi-year project for The 14ers recording new songs in different locations such as “Westbound” that was recorded at Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records LA studio featuring Adam Topol (Jack Johnson), Chris Joyner (Jason Mraz), plus Nick Bearden and Brad Lindsay (Jamestown Revival). Four different singles have been released from this project and expect a full-length collective album release in April 2019. “One of the highlights of my life is making music with like-minded, talented, and good-hearted musicians… I’m very lucky to have the collaborators I do”, says Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the road; he splits his time between writing/performing/recording music and guiding educational hiking, skiing, bicycling, and photography programs from the mountains and deserts of the west all the way to Africa where he leads Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions each year.