Adam Bodine

Saturday 5:45PM @ OBC Wine Project

straddling imaginary boundaries

Adam Bodine is a multidimensional keyboardist and composer who joyfully excels in a variety of roles and situations. His expressive authenticity and refreshingly open musical sensibilities are best revealed through his original instrumental music. Over the last four years, the inspired pianist and eccentric bandleader has cranked out three outstanding albums: Scenes of Changery, Nurtured by Nature, and Opus Reminiscence. Although generally classified under the umbrella of jazz, Adam’s expansive and eclectic body of work has a depth of character that flourishes beyond the confines of categorization. Creatively intermingling a broad spectrum of sounds and styles, along with an assortment of instrumentation with many world-class musicians, Bodine’s music is uniquely dynamic and radiates a whimsical and cinematic vibe that warms the heart and tickles the imagination.