Ain't From Here

Saturday 3:00PM @ Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - Woodward Special Exhibition Gallery

Colorado Honky Tonk

Colorado's newest honky tonk heroes are here to spread their sound. Ain't From Here was formed in Estes Park in early 2017. After making their way down the mountain into Fort Collins, the band has spent 2 years trying to gain some traction in the northern Colorado music scene. Heartfelt lyrics, smooth harmonies, and unique arrangements have helped the band carve out some reoccurring gigs and a reputation as a hardworking, fire spitting 4 piece. Seeking to enhance their sound, Ain't From Here recently expanded to 6 members. All current residents of Fort Collins and Loveland, the "fellas from 'round the way" are determined to make their name and stake their claim in the country music world.