A.M. Pleasure Assassins

Saturday 6:45PM @ The Atrium At The Alley Cat

Fuzzy Melted Psych

Between making breakfast and making sense of the daily chaos, one can hardly find those sought after, cherished moments of peace...


A.M. Pleasure Assassins seeks to highlight the short lived glimpses of beauty that fill the cracks between coffee and the daily grind with hypnagogic indie fuzz about whimsy, entropy, and the human condition. 


Something understood and often addressed lyrically by A.M. Pleasure Assassins is that time cares not for your plans, just like the weather owes no favors. Themes like these show this band embracing the fact that they’re making end times art. That idea could be a hard pill to swallow for some, but it seems the real point that they convey is that even when stuck at your “crappy” job, or sitting in traffic there are fragments of beauty and absurdity built into every second of the day. AMPA seems just mindful and attuned to catch those fragments, and strange enough to laugh at them.