ANIMAL / object

Electro - Acoustic - Improvisation

The very first evening that the core three of us (Kurt Bauer, Steve Gordon, & David Mead) met there were three ideological questions asked.: 1~What is indeterminacy? 2~What is ambient? and 3~What is music? We've spent the last three years in continual redefinition of these principles.. ANIMAL/object is an ever evolving project in every way and no two shows are alike. We spend time apart building new instruments to bring to the table and ask about new ideas with each new opportunity. We strive to create a truly moving and unexpected direction with live shows and present a new awareness within hearing and even cooperating with music in the live venue. We've had the great pleasure of playing with a litany of notable local and international touring improvisors and have gleaned many new ideas from sharing with those that share our creative passion.