Antonio Lopez Band

Friday 5:00PM @ The Lyric - The Porch Stage

earthy modern folk

Antonio Lopez is a quiet man with something to say. His music is like an onion. It has many layers, each one revealing something more. His adept guitar work and composition skills are never used in a showy way but rather like the spices in a delectable home-cooked meal. The result is a feast of emotions that delights the listener. His latest release, Roots and Wings, won Album of The Year and Song of The Year in the Colorado Playlist’s Listener’s Poll. Lopez was born in Alamosa, CO, steeped in the Chicano culture of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Since 2012 Lopez has been living in Longmont, CO.


The Antonio Lopez Band is:

Antonio Lopez - vocals, guitar, piano

Chad E. Mathis - bass, vocals

Kate Farmer - vocals

Jonathan Sadler - marimba and aux percussion

Christopher Scott Wright - drums