audio flora

Friday Night - 9:00pm to 10:00pm @ The East Coast | 21+

Grooving Melodic Beats

Audio Flora is Chris Weller, an electronic music producer and digital visual artist from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Audio Flora's music ranges from lush, deep & lo-fi chillout sounds to thumping house music for the dance floor. 

Audio Flora's debut album "Shifts In Hue", came in 2017, covering a number of electronic styles with loads of warm, fuzzy synths, rhodes and spoken female vocals.  In August 2018, Audio Flora signed a house track titled "Slip Crush Flip" to Vivifier Records (London, UK) and has since focused primarily on house music releases through that label.  A release in December 2018, "Back Room Vibe", entered the House Hype Top 100 chart and made it up to #36 in its first week.

In addition to studio work, Chris has put together a live performance that involves on-the-fly cueing, processing & mixing of hundreds of small, original loops and sound bytes on 8 channels with some live keyboard playing over the top.  Additional interests include creative coding for generative sound and graphics / visuals, many of which are targeted for viewing in the digital dome theatre at the FC museum of discovery.