Friday Night - 11:45pm to 12:30am @ Surfside 7 | 21+

Autumn Burn

Hard Rock


“We come together and it’s a brotherhood. Each of us has supported each other through life’s great ride and it’s amazing to sit in a room with other individuals who express this sentiment daily. We strive to progress as musicians, write music people can connect with, and are grateful for our long tenure. The small contribution we’ve created together as friends as a tiny part of the amazing group of artist copilots who steer the strong scene built in Colorado. We’re blessed." - Eric Romero - Vocals -


Autumn Burn is ready to create that connection. You know, THAT connection. The one you had once when you left the venue feeling completely alive. Lives changed that night and it will never be forgotten. Everyone has a show like that, no matter which side of the lights.
This is the beauty of the live experience. We view this interaction as an experiment yielding unique results each time. Its unpredictability is both magical and terrifying in the same breath. Music moves people. It's that connection that moves the music creators. No BS, just raw emotion. This type of snapshot firing like a synapse sparking someone else’s life is one of the most monumental things one can gift to another.
We look forward to sharing that symbiotic moment with you and hopefully we give back the energy we feel in each of those special moments.
​New EP, 2020. See you at FoCoMX.