Bad Roommates

Friday 6:45PM @ Surfside 7

Fun, Energic, Punk-Rock

Bad Roommates is a band from NoCo Colorado, based in Fort Collins. Formed in 2018. We are a high energetic band that is also bring “fun” back to punk rock / rock.

We are a unique group of musicians that make up our sound. The Bad Roommates sound spans from gritty electric energy, to angry and fast pace songs with a message or story. We also have little mixture of old school punk rock, combined with some new ideas to make our stand alone sound. But most important at our core, we are united by our nerd ties that gives us a fun & corkyness we also bring to our music and the stage.

In 2019 we released our first single “Hell” on Bandcamp. In 2020 we released our first EP “Eviction Notice” We have plans to record our second EP due to be released Winter/Spring 2022.

The Bad Roommates are:

Jake “Crazy” Watts – Lead vocals & guitar

Mikaela “Jinglz” Watts – Vocals & bass guitar

Matt “Guitar” Mosher – Vocals & guitar

Jessie “Sticks” Richards – Drums