Hip Hop-Rap


Friday 10:00PM @ The Comedy Fort - Main Stage

Beats, Electronica, Babes

BBMC is a two piece Hip Hop Duo, featuring lead lyricist MC Love and vocalist/lyricist Mo Love, combining new wave R&B with the “gold” school lyricism and hard beats that helped make hip hop legendary. Sometimes dubbed hip hOpera by the music community, you never know what type of live performance BBMC will deliver as each performance is unique and different from the last. From curating setlists fitting of the swanky, sultry and speakeasy vibe to crowd engaging, bass heavy bangers, BBMC finds ways to fit any venue at any time. 
Hailing from Denver Colorado, MC Love got his performing chops in high school musicals along side Mo Love whom already had a wide performance background since a young age. Mo Love graduated from UNC in vocal performance in Opera and uses her musical prowess to great affect inside the music of BBMC. Together, the mixing of backgrounds and interests currated a very unique sound that BBMC gets to call its own. Taking one step further, BBMC often runs sets with their DJ Alex Knox which elevates the music and creates a seamless performance which should not be missed!