Hip Hop-Rap
Beats, Electronica, Babes

BBMC stands for beats, babes, music, collective and was founded in Fort Collins by MC Dopenicity and Molly Oh. MC has been persuing music for 5 years before Molly Oh joined, bringing her operatic and classically trained voice to help mold and seperate BBMC from other bands. Bringing traditonal hip-hop and rap together with new age, electronic sounds, BBMC strives to expand musical genres into a new world. Striving on making every live performance unique, you never know who will be taking over the show. Will Molly Oh hold it down, providing a soulful and funky tone while MC runs keys and bass? Or will MC come to spit and slay with verses and pose? Either way, spectators are in for a unique experience that will surely be as diverse as the band members themselves.