Bevin Luna

Friday 10:00PM @ Washington's


Based out of Fort Collins, CO with roots in Memphis, TN and Dominican Republic. Bevin Luna’s guitar- and gut-driven songs package sly intelligence inside a rough, rowdy, and fiery sound. She fronts a formidable four-piece band that combines driving riffs, garage rock, grunge, indie rock, and hard rock, sprinkled with hints of blues and country. Her tough and energetic yet soul-searching sensibility straddles the line between insightful songwriting and full-blown rock and roll in the grand tradition of The Pretenders, while her deep, honey voice evokes the heady tones of Grace Slick and articulations of Patti Smith. Born in Hawaii as a military brat, raised in Memphis in a musical family with Caribbean and Southern roots, Bevin grew up steeped in the influences that compose her distinctive sound.