Hip Hop-Rap

Boss Eagle

Friday 11:15PM @ The Comedy Fort - Main Stage


In August 2016, Jamaal Curry quit his job at as an academic advisor at his alma mater to pursue entertainment and entrepreneurship full time.


Roughly three and a half months later, he found himself hospitalized with a blood clot in his right lung, part of which died in the process. On top of that, during his hospital stay, he and his wife suffered a miscarriage. He remembers being in the cold, dark hospital room all alone, as his wife had gone home to be with their other children.


After some recovery, in January 2017, he went into the studio and recorded his first song entitled, Firebird. At the time, he had no clue that one song would be the beginning of a full-length LP that would be released a day before his birthday later that year -- and debut #5 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart for his region. And to think, music wasn't even what he thought he'd be doing when he left his job.


Since his debut just four short years ago, Jamaal aka Boss Eagle has played several large music festivals and stages, had his music play on radio 100's of times and has had three of his songs appear in two feature films. In addition, he's become a music business coach and mentor, having started his company Business Minded Musicians which serves to help independent artists grow their music business.


An unashamedly clean, undoubtedly relevant, undeniable storyteller, the south of Chicago-born and Colorado-bred artist is carving has already begun carving his own path and looks forward to continuing that with his sophomore LP "2AB4TL" expected to drop in 2022!