Buck Wilde

Roots-Rock & Grooves
Buck Wilde is the brainchild of Singer-Songwriter Tom Gregory, who music and lyrics are inspired by a melting pot of classic rock, bluegrass, country, blues, funk and jazz.
Tom grew up around Omaha, Nebraska and began writing and performing original songs at the age of 14. Tom met guitarist Pierce Hansen during their time as students at the University of Wyoming, where they would perform together

as The Omaha Boys. After several relocations separated The Omaha Boys for a few years, Tom and Pierce both ended up in Fort Collins and in 2016 reformed The Omaha Boys. After discussing adding a rhythm section, they decided to form a new project.
Tom met double bassist Jo Asker at their job in Fort Collins. Jo became familiar with Tom and Pierce after attending a few Omaha Boys shows, and accepted their proposal to form a full band with Jo on double bass. Jo and drummer Matt Brown were well acquainted through their time as CSU music students and gigging jazz musicians. Jo introduced Matt to Tom and Pierce as a potential drummer for the project, and after a jam session in April 2017, Buck Wilde was born.