CB & the G Jeez

Friday 6:00PM @ Equinox Brewing - Outdoor Patio

Countrified Punk Covers

The acronym for legendary punk club CBGB stood for Country Bluegrass Blues. CB & the G Jeez reenvision and transpose classic punk rock songs into outlaw country, fused with blues lead guitar and bluegrass fiddle. All the while, plucking songs from the hardcore cannon whose lyrics fit the style.

The group origanted in duo form as The CBGGs, often holding down hosting duties at events, playing short sets during band crossover. Picking up members along the way, the group has had sit in players from various Fort Collins bands including Banquet Party, Sickly Hecks, & Lucid Blues.

Over the last year, CB & the G Jeez solidified a lineup that allowed the unit to gain a signature feel. By building upon chemistry gained in the excitement of being able to once again gather and play music, songs written nearly half a century ago began to feel like our own. Any fan of the history of punk music or lover of Country Bluegrass Blues is sure to get your kicks here.