Friday 5:00PM @ Aggie Theatre

Upbeat, Consolidated, Orange

Clementine is a highschool band formed out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The band was formed when three friends, Gia Arelio, Samuel Claiborne, and Keiran Wisell, who enjoyed playing guitar together, were asked to perform at the Holiday Twin Drive-in in Fort Collins. The trio scrambled to get songs for thier set as the show was to take place two days after they were asked to perform. When thier setlist was completed, all that they need was a name. They settled on a modest and fruity name: Clementine.

After thier debut performance at the Drive-in, Arelio, Claiborne, and Wisell became more serious about the band. They began practicing regularly and played primarily covers, with each member contributing ideas for original songs. Eventually, Arelio became too busy with school and sports to continue practicing, so Claiborne and Wisell began to seek out new members. Caleb Crowe was brought in as the drummer and Larin Graph was brough in on lead-vocals, both of whom Wisell and Claiborne had met through school.

Graff, Claiborne, Crowe, and Wisell began playing small open mics around town, as well as putting on small shows in their backyard. At the same time, the band wrote a couple original songs which were well received by audiences.

After a few months of Claiborne and Wisell switching roles as base players, the group decided they needed a permenant bassist. They would find one in Elizabeth Radman, who Wisell met after playing a show. Radman bonded with the rest of the members instantly, and the band was now in it's full form.

The band started writing much more original songs and playing shows at larger venues. Due to social connections from each member, venues would often become crowded with friends, family, and fans of the band. 

Clementine decided to enter the studio in the fall of 2021 to begin recording their five-song debut EP. The EP is expected to release in early 2022.