Collide Vocals

Young, Contemporary, A Cappella

Collide Vocals is a contemporary A Cappella group, based out of Colorado.

Collide was formed in 2017 by five Colorado natives that came together in Fort Collins. These bright voices bring a fresh sound to the A Cappella scene, featuring tight harmonies, unique pop covers, and a dynamic, youthful energy.

Collide enjoys experimenting with unusual songs and sounds, and putting their own spin on the music they choose. They also often take on styles that aren’t traditionally done a cappella, such as rap and electronic music. 

Collide’s singers have a wide array of musical skills; from Collin (vocal percussionist) who is pursuing a Jazz degree at UNC Greeley, to Josh (Tenor), who is classically trained and has a BA in Music Education. The members of Collide embrace their different musical backgrounds and strive to show their musical diversity in their performances.