Cool Hand Juke

Saturday 3:15PM @ Wolverine Farm Publick House

Soulful Honest Groove

The story of Cool Hand Juke is much like the legend of Jeff "The Dude" Lewbowski. Sometimes there's a band that's *the* band for its time n' place. We won't call the Jukes heroes - 'cause what's a hero? But if jukeboxes were still a thing, they'd be livin' there. And though the Jukes don't wear bathrobes to gigs, you might want a nice comfy one to slip into after a night of dancing and grooving to this rock-solid band!

During COVID the Jukes were busy, including recording an EP and and playing nothing but outdoor, socially-safe gigs at venues such as the Lyric, Odell Brewing, Old Town Square and private parties, bringing the gospel of soul, blues and rock to audiences that have been dancing with abandon and yelling for more. With a mix of solid originals and old favorites, every night the Jukes play, it's a journey of joy, groove and abandon.  

In early 2020 the Jukes released an EP on Bandcamp. Over the 2021-22 winter the Jukes are writing a new album of originals with the aim of having all new tunrs ready to debut at FoCOMX 2022! "We have studio recording on, like, our agenda, man..." to help feed the social media hunger and maybe, just maybe, become less of a secret.

After a dozen years together, Cool Hand Juke *still* wants to be your favorite band!