The Copper Coins

Saturday 5:45PM @ Wolverine Farm Publick House

authentic percussive acoustic

“The Copper Coins is a collaborative effort with songs full of love, hardship, and the healing that needs to come afterward.” Brian Villers describes the project as “As new as it is old, and specks of innovation in the midst of familiar sounds”  The project involving Brian Villers (Immortal Dominion, New Creature), Ginny Villers, and Joel Roman (Amy Poole, Bloco en Foco, Quiet Fire)  began two years ago but the songs have been percolating all the way back to the days of the heavy metal band, Immortal Dominion, of which Brian is a founding member. Immortal Dominion helped pave the Heavy Metal scene in Fort Collins all the way back in the mid-90s.  “After having sat on the sidelines all these years, it's great to be able to experience the joy of getting in front of a crowd and sharing our music.”  Says Ginny Villers.  After many years of looking for an anchor, we met Joel Roman whose experience in Brazilian drum lines has brought a unique sound to the band making it a true collaboration.  “I've had fun exploring more percussive tones with the djembe on this acoustic project and have enjoyed the blending of styles and rhythms.” Says Joel.  Come listen to the fresh sound that is The Copper Coins and help spread the word as this Fort Collins project picks up steam!