Sad but dreamy
Corsicana's influences are as diverse as they are intentional. Lyrically rich artists such as Sufjan Stevens
and The Antlers tend to inspire 20 year-old Ben Pisano's own literary approach to songwriting, while the
experimental and electronic tendencies of artists like Bon Iver and Radiohead inform the more subdued
instrumentals. Despite the somewhat minimal, guitar-driven sound, Pisano also draws from genres such
as R&B, soul, bossa nova, and hip hop to round out the production and arrangement of his music. The
band is closing out 2018 by releasing the first single, “Quandary,” from their second LP, Perennial, due
out January 18th 2019.
In the summer of 2014, high school sophomore Ben Pisano decided to start anew under the moniker
Corsicana. Named after a song by his favorite band, The Antlers, the project debuted at a festival just
south of Denver later that year. Pisano continued to make sporadic appearances at small venues such as
well-known DIY space 7th Circle, choosing to focus primarily on writing new material and to assemble a
home studio. In November, Corsicana’s debut EP, Discomposure, was completed and self-released. 2015
saw new opportunities emerge for the young talent, as Pisano began scoring various short films
including Venture Compass Pictures’ Autumn Colors. Corsicana saw a surge of local interest that
summer, and on July 25th Corsicana released their self-titled EP as a full band with a show at the
Mercury Cafe. With a renewed focus on their live show, the band worked to capture the attention of a
larger audience. 2016 began with a show at the storied Bluebird Theater, marking the biggest room that
the band had yet played. The year also saw the release of Corsicana’s first full length record, Haven, an
opening spot for NPR Tiny Desk contest winner Gaelynn Lea, local radio play, and a short tour through
Idaho, Washington, and Montana. With no intention of slowing down, 2017 saw Corsicana record their
first in-studio radio session with Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir, play to a full room at the
Underground Music Showcase, open two Colorado dates for national act Hippo Campus, and finish out
the year opening for Devotchka at the Boulder Theater. With highlights such as opening for Wye Oak at
the Bluebird and the band’s first full tour of the Pacific Northwest, 2018 has been a year of steady
growth that is bound to propel the band in to a standout 2019.