Cory Simmons

Saturday 7:00PM @ Wolverine Farm Publick House - Outdoor Patio

Soul, Medicine, Refreshing

Cory Simmons is best known as a Singer songwriter, bringing soulful lyrics sure to pull your attention in, bringing relatable experiences through vocal and instrumental expression, sure to give the listener the a full spectrum ride. Specializing in a vast array of music and sound, making his music extremely approachable and versatile, from Soul, folk, R&B to Reggae, Jazz fusion jams.

Cory Simmons has collaborated and performed with many Musicians and many Festivals along the midwest, and west coast. Currently working on an album release to be dropped 2021, his drive to express his message with a full sound of emotion is completely captured and felt to the inner core. Born in North Carolina, Cory Simmons was always on the move with his family in and out of towns and on to the next. When he landed in the midwest as a child, he then started to play with a guitar, It was only in his 20’s that he found his mission and purpose to share the messages tapped into through his life experiences with music.

He, heard his calling through a life changing experience in Costa Rica, on the beach of Dominical, knowing that, he needed to share with the world around him, he then knew he had to jump out of his comfort zone and get to work. Along his musician journey, He launched a Production company Astral Productions, to hone in the music scene, and offer a platform for other artists, musicians, and music lovers to expand, connect and create. His goal is to reach the hearts of many, hoping those who listen can be brought back to a part of themselves not often confronted, his goal is to share these messages through his experience, to bring a connection to ourselves and the community around all of us. Together we can, and Together we will.