Cosmic Problems

Friday 8:00PM @ Art Lab Fort Collins

Sarcastic Hardcore Surf

Playing hard and fast, drawing attention to pressing social issues, and creating a massive wall of sound is what Cosmic Problems is all about.
Cosmic Problems was formed in Fort Collins amidst the pandemic in 2020 when Colorado locals Luke, Peter, Will, and Christian began jamming and found that Punk Rock was in fact, not dead. Looking for a strong platform to give ourselves a voice Cosmic Problems was born. Despite the challenge of creating a new band amidst a global pandemic, we continue to be active participants in the community and have still managed to get our music into the world and engage with audiences.
We have been playing locally in Fort Collins and Denver since we formed.
Some notable performances of ours include: The Lyric, Surfside 7, 7th Circle Music Collective, The Lost Lake, and continually work with local non-profit, Blast'n'Scrap, to help grow the scene in Fort Collins and build a platform for other local bands and artists. These events mean a lot to us, because they promote painters, jewelers, and other non-profits who provide food and clothing to those in need. Our community is everything to us.
If you like sweaty guitar solos, fast surf punk riffs, and some laughs we are the band for you. With two guitars playing a mix of lead and rhythm, a massive crunchy bass tone, and violent percussion, we are sure to get the energy up wherever we go. With a healthy mix of serious and lighthearted songs we blend 80s Hardcore with contemporary tones and themes.
Our debut EP is scheduled for release in early 2022, with plans for more releases and performances.
"I love that you guys are technically proficient and know how to play, but also don't take yourselves too seriously." - A fellow local musician