the COVZ

In Your Face :)

"All we are trying to do is tell our story," Ian explains. "We hope that's enough to reach people." Ian Schroff has been the lead singer of the COVZ since they formed back in 2013. The years have been chalk full of tours, SXSW showcases, highs, and lows but there is one thing the band has never lost: authenticity. Josiah, the band's drummer as well as Ian's older brother, says the COVZ are "just trying to play music [they] would love to listen to. The kind of stuff you throw into your headphones and get completely immersed in." 

With songs like "Wasted" and "Portuguese", you can easily appreciate the effect of this genuine approach to their craft. Accompanied by the brothers' best friend  and bassist Adam Ulissey who describes the music as "real, bonafide, and honest", the three piece has created a veritable, raw sound. 

The trio has been hard at work this winter at Blasting Room Studios as they prepare to release their first EP in 6 years this summer. Stay tuned to get your hands on a copy.