David Miner and The Reasons to Quit

Friday 8:00PM @ Equinox Brewing

Traditional Country music for today.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, David Miner took an early liking to classic country music. As songwriting and guitar quickly became his passion at a young age, he immersed himself in the history of country music and the many talented men and women that contributed to the genre. 

Miner's style is a fresh take on an old classic. Honoring his heroes and the timeless style of the country music of yesterday, while still writing music from an authentic perspective. 


Miner released his album “Silver Valley” in early 2021. “Traditional country themes of relationships (good and bad), rural stories and social concerns, and closeness to nature are explored in thirteen original songs on this expertly self produced record” says Eilis Boland of Lonesome Highway, going on to say that the album is “proof positive that one doesn’t have to hail from the USA’s Deep South to make good country music”.


David is currently based out of Fort Collins, CO. and can be found playing shows up and down the Rocky Mountain range and beyond.