New New Order
DEBR4H is a synth pop/new wave project made up by Jed Murphy, Kayna Hobbs, and Zach Visconti. Previously known as futurebabes, Jed gigged for six years throughout Colorado refining his live set and exploring his love for synth pop and classic electronic music. He began making synth music after being inspired by electronic artists such as The Presets, Justice, The Killers, Washed Out, and M83. Through these bands he discovered early synth music and began exploring acts like The Human League, Kate Bush, Prince, and David Bowie just to name a few. In 2018 he met Kayna Hobbs, who was not going to go to shows and just sit around, so she joined on keys and vocals. 
Later that year, Jed returned to the studio ready to make a change. He recruited Oliver Mueller of Slow Caves to produce the album and the two of them hid away in Jed and Kayna's cold and ancient house in Ft. Collins, and emerged with Taipei Rock City, five tracks of steamy synth pop with a touch of that polished rock goodness that makes Slow Caves so special. The music needed to stand on its own and Jed was ready to retire the futurebabes name, and so DEBR4H was born.