Drifter X DJ Madam Calysto

Friday 11:00PM @ The R Bar and Lounge

Deep Soulful House

Drifter it’s a common story. a brilliant artist grows up in a home full of art and artists. inspiration and exposure to the arts creates a brilliant artistic anomaly. not so for the Drifter. artistic exploration was suppressed under the guise of protection from satan. this only drove the drifter to desire what satan had. sure, the secular sounds of the day were forbidden, but the sounds of the past, secular or not, were fair play. and play he did. though he was a relative latecomer to the modern world of music, by the time he arrived his musical background was deep and diverse.

and maybe it was due to this musical suppression, or maybe it was something more karmic, but whatever sounds he heard he had to share. and share he did. when the Drifter was 12 he spent the summer working in a peach orchard with immigrant farmers. this was the late 80’s and while most kids his age were listening to Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n Roses and Madonna, the drifter’s favorite album was the soundtrack to La Bamba. prompted by his need to share what music he did get his peach pickin hands on, he took his La Bamba record, dubbed it to tape and took it with his boombox to the peach orchard. that day the peach orchard never rocked so hard as his fellow mexicans demanded he rewind and re-play La Bamba. all. day. long.

though technology and music have changed dramatically in the many years since the La Bamba Peach Disco, the Drifter does pretty much the same thing today. taking much pride in his ability to dig up timeless sounds of the last 100 years, while at the same time, being on the bleeding edge of EDM (though he secretly hates the term EDM).

and a Drifter mix? there’s a reason he’s held weekly residencies (3 or 4 a week at points) for the last 22 years straight. he’s also opened for everyone from Kaskade, DJ Heather, Christopher Lawrence, J Boogie and Colette to old skoolers like DJ Buck, John Howard and Chris Lum to most recently warming the decks up for 2011 DMC World Champ DJ Vajra (Chris Karns).

today the drifter can be found playing various b-girl/b-boy cyphers and competitions around Northern Colorado, and every Thursday night at The Atrium, in downtown (oldtown) Fort Collins, Colorado, where you can find him droppin the smoothest mixes this side of a fried egg.


Dj Madam Calysto is a bass heavy electro breaks/house/dnb experience that combines turntablism with special guests and live instrumental performances. From massives in L.a. to caves in Utah, she's been smashing up the place all across the west for the past 20 years. The nasty drops by the Madam are not to be missed.