Elise Wunder/Das Wunder Band

Friday 4:45PM @ Equinox Brewing - Outdoor Patio

Gritty Americana Neosoul

Elise Wunder is a Colorado native with a wild spirit. She spent many years developing her music in Fort Collins and was on a roll when she developed vocal nodules. Due to this, she had to stop singing, unlearn everything she thought she knew, and start from square one. This posed quite the existential crisis for Elise and it has been long journey. She decided to travel the world and go where her heart led. She has played the drum in The Moon Cave of Waynapicchu at Macchu Picchu, sang in the wildly resonant King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid, filled the ruins of the ancient stone city of Petra, Jordan with a Romanian aria, sang Chan Chan en Mexico with a local band impromptu on stage, and walked the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem. She moved to New Orleans, where part of her soul was buried, immersing herself in the underground world of hip hop and spoken word while of course, playing djembe at Congo Square in the French Quarter every Sunday afternoon. After moving back home in April of 2020,

Elise has finally broken through some big plateaus, has been working on some new music with a fresh perspective, rich experiences, and incredible friends who also just so happen to be incredible musicians with whom she plays music. She is profoundly grateful and humbled to be a carrier of music medicine. Come, let’s heal together!!