Extra Gold


Fiddle / Keys / Telecaster / Pedal Steel / Bass / Drums / Acoustic


"Extra Gold will take you on a trip through time to when Denver was just a small mining town. The group’s old-timey sound just makes you want to get up and stomp your boots and spin your partner around and around on the dance floor. Hot off their debut EP, Extra Gold harkens back to Denver’s roots to give listeners a wild west experience no matter where they might be when they hear this magnificently fun band." - 303 magazine


"The band's first release, High & Lonesome, which dropped November 26, is an impressive debut. It's the rare case in which the band sounds as good on the recording as it does during live performances." Westword Magazine 

FULL ALBUM REVIEW LINK - https://www.westword.com/music/extra-gold-drops-debut-album-high-and-lonesome-at-the-hi-dive-11032980?fbclid=IwAR0_gNZX93OMg021VI31DhVG4MpRC6N88BUGSunTGzXK8ZRTRFkumMZ02I'U


"High & Lonesome, which is an 8-track LP mix of cosmic country ballads and boot-stompin’ bangers is a very solid debut for this Colorado band. The record was recorded with Mark Anderson in Denver. Tracks like “Emily” showcase the band’s incredible harmonies, “When The Matches Meet The Wood” has fiery strings that will force you to your feet, and title track “High And Lonesome” is the record’s crooner, a tune that is perfect for your favorite fireside playlist this season." -  Bolder Beat