Friday 9:00PM @ Sound Off Silent Disco at Old Town Square

Experimental Dance Music

F-ETHER conveys the human condition by way of a digital lens, using electronic music to portray the range of emotions tied to physical existence and the spiritual abstraction that comes with it. But everyone knows that life is comprised of more than just fragmented dreamscapes and atmospheric textures... sometimes they're so real you can touch them.

Dreams began to manifest for F-ETHER in 2015 when he was recognized by A-Trak and Fool's Gold Records as "more than just another DJ" when they awarded him a grand-prize win for his remix in Grand Marnier’s #BlendOut competition. From there publications like Queen City Sounds and Art recognized him as “an experimental electronic dance music legend-in-the-making”, and his local audience began listening a little more closely. Through several mentions as one of the 'best electronic artists in Denver' by 303 Magazine and a 'best of' nomination in the 2019 Denver Westword Music Awards soon after, F-ETHER took flight. He continues to soar over headlines in publications like DIRT Media, ElektroDaily, 303 Magazine, and AntennaMag for his innovative approach to electronic music, writing "Arca-esque industrial siren song[s]" to soothe even the most damaged nerves. His wingspan has stretched as far as to sharing bills with internationally renowned artists including Flying Lotus, Great Dane, Anklepants, Dan Deacon, Noer the Boy, Moontricks, and Itchy-O to name a few.

F-ETHER creates a unique live performance, both sonically and visually, through his embodiment as a producer, DJ, and computer musician. He bridges the gap between what is ethereal and what is corporeal by way of silicon and circuitry.