Friday 5:00PM @ Illegal Pete's

Garage Psych Surf

Fernbrook is a 3 piece Garage/Psych/Surf band of multi-instrumentalists based out of Fort Collins. Each performance has members playing “musical chairs” by swapping their instruments at different points in the set, creating an evolving & engaging performance. With 3 composers bringing unique ideas to the soundscape, Fernbrook’s timbre continues to evolve into an experience many enjoy.

The project emerged from 3 music students at Front Range Community College. Since moving to Fort Collins from New Jersey in 2019, Hunter Archer has kept Fernbrook’s fire going. Being a die-hard Neil Young fan & an aspiring live sound engineer, Hunter keeps the band stalwart in finding time to create. Lord of the Low-End & fellow dead-head Felix “Goose” Seifert adds a psychedelic hot-sauce to Fernbrook’s sound. A lifetime fan of The Beatles, Goose reminds the band to breathe whilst melting faces into surrealist paintings of sound with his groove. The final piece of this puzzling playground is wannabe surfer Malek Haltam. Inspired by early Beach Boys & danelectro equipment, he brings a splash of bright energy to the band. Malek captivates audiences with his heartfelt rhythms & lyrics that jam their way right into the feels.

Fernbrook’s influences can be heard in musical acts such as Mac DeMarco, The Black Keys, Vundabar, Dead & Co, Ty Segall, The Breeders, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, & too many to mention. With venues sparse and no music mastered, the band put on many house shows around the neighborhoods of Fort Collins during the summer of 2020. Fernbrook’s DIY approach to recording & playing music has laid the foundation for a dynamic project culminating in massive expressions of the modern 20-something.