Forty-Five Plus One With DJ Alf

Friday 4:00PM @ Wolverine Farm Publick House - Outdoor Patio

DJ With Musicians

For years, there have been live music sets, and there have been DJ sets.  But FORTY-FIVE PLUS ONE attempts to bridge the gap between the two.

DJ Alf plays a set of instrumentals from vinyl 45s.  He’s periodically joined on stage by musicians who add something to the record he’s currently playing.  In the past few years, DJ Alf has been joined by singers, MCs, guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists, percussionists, horn sections, string sections, a youth choir, a guy playing buckets, and a guy playing a modified Nintendo Game Boy…each adding their own unique twist to the DJ set.
At FoCoMX, he’ll be joined by local and national musicians from the festival line-up, giving people a chance to see and hear these performers in a new and different setting.