Friday 8:45PM @ Illegal Pete's

goofy, progressive rock

On the eve of the 26th moon of the 6th month of the year of Zahn, Connor Breeden awoke in the middle of the night to a bright flash outside the window of his humble cottage. As he peered outside to get a look at the commotion, his eyes bulged and his heart sank. Someone (or perhaps something) was disturbing the Mana Stones, which were housed in the sanctuary known as the Gaian Temple. Without the mana stones protected, humanity was in grave danger. Connor knew there would be many who would attempt to secure the stones for their own purposes. Indeed, the stones wielded tremendous magical power. It mattered not who disturbed the temple. The balance of the cosmos was now under threat, and he acted quickly. With lightning speed, he saddled up Goro, his majestic horse, and galloped towards the temple. Will he find a way to restore balance to the Gaian Temple, or will humanity's thirst for power lead to the collapse of our world? Funscreen is a group of three tale-spinning bards who transcend the boundaries of space and time, here in the present moment to sing the legend of Connor Breeden. Using the sounds of contemporary rock music, they hope the story will fall upon the right ears before it's too late.