Hanna Doreen Brown

Modern Classic Country

Originally from Rochester, NY, Hanna Doreen Brown is a passionate musician dedicated to playing music in Colorado Front Range communities. She draws from the traditions of Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Country, and Rock and Roll, but especially likes to seek inspiration from the musical stories and lives of Colorado seniors living in care facilities. Hanna plays full time in nursing homes and senior centers as well as in venues, bars, and on the road, trying to create more connections between the music worlds of the old and the young and between historical songs and those being produced today.

In 2017, after becoming deeply infatuated with the history of American country music, Hanna began writing country and folk inspired songs of her own. She's enjoyed exploring and becoming part of a genre that, for better or worse, has a very rich history and more than a little bit of baggage to be unpacked. She hopes that as she continues to make music that she can somehow manage to capture all of the stories of the wise, to bring some enjoyment and spark to all of the folks, and to break down some stereotypes in the process.