Heavy Diamond Ring

Friday 10:45PM @ Magic Rat

All-American Folk Rock

Sixteen years after starting the indie-folk giants Paper Bird,  Sarah Anderson (vocals, trumpet) and Paul DeHaven (guitar, vocals) embark on their latest collaboration, Heavy Diamond Ring.  Drawing from ‘70s FM folk rock and their distinct brand of open-hearted songwriting, HDR harnesses their strong and proven partnership towards refreshing new heights.  Led by Andersons’ smooth-as-honey vocals and DeHavens’ rugged guitar chops the band also features knockout players Blake Stepan (bass, vocals), Mike Lang (keys, vocals) and Orion Tate (drums).  HDR has an all-American vintage sound that conjures visions of long road trips across vast scenery. Their sound is expansive with a commanding charm that will stir you, make you smile, tear you down, and lift you up.