Hunter Burnette

Friday 7:30PM @ The Coast

Soulful, Ardent, Alt-Country

Hunter Burnette is an up-and-coming Americana singer/songwriter and artist based out of Denver, Colorado. In 2018 Burnette released his first EP, "The Good Life," which showcases his capacity for introspective lyrics and the blending of amerciana roots music. Burnette released a follow-up self-titled EP, produced by Ben Wysocki, in October 2019.
"With enough farmhouse grit and rock-and-roll swagger to keep it out of the folk and country categories, on his sophomore EP, Denver's Hunter Burnette puts forth an enlightening album of self-awareness. With soul-searching songs that ask deep questions and paint a picture of a young man becoming a more thoughtful man, and casting off the character flaws of youth. Burnette and his friends have created an intoxicating album of Americana that floats somewhere between alt-country and rock coupled with singer/songwriter narratives and some bluesy vocals." -Marquee Magazine
Backed by a rotating cast of members from The Fray, Heavy Diamond Ring, Israel Nash, Smirk, King Cardinal and more, you don't want to miss this budding act making his mark on Colorado's local music scene.