Jaanvi Gurung

Resonant - Soulfully Inclined - Simple

  Classically trained and soulfully inclined, Colorado singer-songwriter Jaanvi Gurung combines folk, blues, and soul in songs that soar with a hopeful conviction that is grounded in personal truth. Her originals range from lighthearted to melancholy, all conveying a sense of understanding, intensity, and composed musicianship of an artist beyond her years. A powerful and nuanced singer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and articulate lyricist, she addresses both the political and the personal with equal sensitivity and virtuosity.

  Now age 15, Jaanvi has studied piano from age four and has been composing since. She plays orchestral cello, but backs herself primarily on keyboard, with the occasional addition of guitar and ukuleleSince Gurung began playing music, she has composed and written a large number of songs and sonatas, each with a distinct and recognizable yet unique sound. Her moving vocals and lyrics are purposefully constructed to tell honest stories from the heart. Her diverse style showcases many different instruments and dynamics, with each song proving a show worth watching.