Jen Korte & the Loss

Saturday Night - 10:00pm to 10:45pm @ Hodi's Half Note | All Ages

Americana latin Blues

Jen Korte blew into Colorado from Austin, Texas in 2005.  She came guided by the momentum of Americana and Caribbean rhythms, a prowess for distinctively intricate guitar lines, and the grit and power of a Western storm in her voice.  Since forming her Denver-based band, The Loss, Korte has been mesmerizing audiences at festivals and concerts across Colorado, for almost a decade.  The band features “golden-throated” Jessica DeNicola, whose unassuming, fluid harmonies are in perfect contrast to Korte’s uniquely sultry voice and confident rhythmic guitar.  Korte and DeNicola are also joined by an impeccably steady bassist and drummer duo, Andy Bercaw (White Fudge, The Dirty Femmes, Ragin Cajun Doug Kershaw, Brent Loveday) and Neil Mitchell (Champagne Charlie, US Tygers, The Dendrites, The Dirty Femmes). 

Together, The Loss fuses a spellbinding swell of masterfully crafted medleys with persistent rhythmic pulses reflective of Korte's Texan/Puerto Rican heritage. 

They recently won Best Folk Band of Denver 2018 by the Denver Westword