King Crawdad

Saturday Night - 5:45pm to 6:30pm @ Drunken Monkey | 21+

Intense Energetic Rock

King Crawdad instills emotion, sincerity, and feeling into our rock and roll music. We perform with intense effort and energy at all times. We leave every inch of ourselves on stage after each performance. We provide a unique blend of garage rock, punk rock, and alternative rock that energizes listeners. We use heartfelt and emotional lyrics to express our sound and to try to provide a raw and real musical experience.


King Crawdad was formed in 2005 by Miles Mercer and Nick Perich, who were also members of a band called the Varmints at the time. We have developed a strong musical bond and our chemistry has evolved in each of the 13 years we have played together. 2018 has been our best year as a band as we have continued to perform everywhere we can and recorded our first quality EP with our long time producer Jason Larson. We were able to capture our sound in an amazing moment where guitar, vocals, and drums were recorded in singular live takes. We only overdubbed bass and one additional background vocal for one song. We take pride in being able to create a raw, live feel for these recordings that truly captures our sound