Knuckle Pups

Friday 5:45PM @ The Exchange

melodic, adventurous, grunge

Five-piece Denver "pup-punk" outfit: Knuckle Pups brings a DIY ethic to lively indie-punk songs. Principal songwriter Oliver Holloway crafts contemplative, brooding, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The band brings a sound to the stage that combines the bold energy of punk with bright melodics and dreamy indie hooks. They use rich vocal harmonies and ear-catching synth tones to complement the grit brought forth by their guitar and bass. Their playfulness and love of community and joy for music is reflected in their bouncy sound and spirited stage presence.Since Spring 2020, they have been tirelessly and quietly finishing their upcoming record and preparing their live show for a post-COVID world. Their debut full-length album "TV Ready" will be out in spring 2022.