Leah Casper

Friday 8:15PM @ Wolverine Farm Publick House - Outdoor Patio

Bjork meets Norah Jones

Leah is a musician, songwriter, lyricist, singer, dancer, director, choreographer and inspired “creative” that flows from one form of art to another with spiritual ease.  Her art speaks for itself while drawing her fans to her art forms and mission to remain true to her creative spirit.

As the director of LuneAseas, Casper floats in as the choreographer and dancer, collaborating with her team of inspired storytellers through combining art, dance, music, and theater. Leah Casper has been a featured dancer with Nicholson-Klein (2010-2012), Front Range Contemporary Ballet Company (2013 to Present), and has done numerous freelance projects while recording and performing music. She studied dance, music, and business at the University of Iowa. Since then, Casper has expanded her dance, music, and technical education with Pilobolus summer workshops among many other explorations. The many hats she has worn has helped her develop into a director that is resourceful, risk-taking, and collaborative.  A veteran of the U.S. Army,  Casper advanced her skills as an engineer and honed her leadership skills. As a theatre technician at the University of Iowa, she was able to see the inter-workings of set design, carpentry, lighting, while further developing her skills.

A single parent of two, she has learned how to say no, stick with what's important, let go of things that don't work, and work "in the moment" with joy, and understanding. Her drive and heart have always been geared toward the creation of music, dance, visual art and the pursuit to innovate and change the culture in these fields.

Casper's original music and sound has been described as "Norah Jones meets Bjork", with her influences in rock, blues, jazz, electronica, metal, punk, and ska. Mix this with her unique rhythms and twisted world view, Casper has found a sound that is politically incorrect and all her own with messages that we all wish we were bold enough to say ourselves.