Friday 9:15PM @ Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - Otter Box Digital Dome Theater

Original Art Rock

Combining the original music of Elijah Perdomo and Ben Haugestuen with the unique and beautiful collage art of Leah Mack, Leijah.Art ( creates visuals and sounds that tell stories and evoke emotions in a fresh new way.  Officially forming during the pandemic, Leijah.Art has hit the ground running by having a music video featured in the Horsetooth International Film Festival, hosting their own art festival, streaming concerts online, and creating and composing new songs to be released on streaming platforms, like Spotify, in 2022.  


With influences like Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, the music of Leijah.Art can range from acoustic sounds of piano, banjo, mandolin and guitar to electronic drums, synthesizers, electric guitar, and anything imaginable.  The sweet tenor vocals of Elijah, combined with harmonies from Leah and Ben, are the consistent thread that tie these songs together and keep audiences wanting more.  


Elijah Perdomo (vocals, keys, guitar)


I began as a singer songwriter who played by ear, I eventually found my way into music school studying classical composition. A couple years after finishing school I finally began to understand how singer songwriter Elijah, and classical composer Elijah could get along. I love Pink Floyd, Brahms, Chopin and Sufjan Stevens, some might say I’m romantic… I find myself obsessed with pacing and surprise in the music I write. Music is such a fun medium to create within, it can be happy, sad, angry, mysterious. I hope the music I write can add a little joy into this world.


Leah Mack (bass, vocals, keys, visual art)


Collage and mixed media have been the most interesting art mediums to me since experimenting with collage in highschool. I love creating new contexts for the worlds found in old photographs of people, animals, and nature. From there I have learned that the process is the most interesting part of the art I create, so I began filming my process. This footage was used to make music videos for Leijah.Art. In addition to visual art, I sing and play bass in Leijah.Art, which are relatively new instruments for me. 


Ben Haugestuen (guitar, mandolin, banjo, keys, vocals)


For the last five years or so, I have been busy playing guitar and singing up and down the Front Range with my former band, South To Cedars (  I had been a big fan of Elijah and Leah’s creative talents and was excited to start composing and writing songs with Elijah when South To Cedars began winding down.  In the fall of 2021, I became an official member of Leijah.Art and have been working hard on getting the band set up with gear, recording new songs, working on a live show with video and looping, and doing whatever I can to bring Leijah.Art’s vision to new fans in Colorado and on the interweb.