Little Trips

Saturday 3:00PM @ The Atrium At The Alley Cat

Dream Pop Psychedelic

Little Trips is a mission to take people on adventures outside of this world. Consisting of Greg Laut and Jason Paton, the duo wrote and recorded their debut LP Downhill to Paradise throughout 2020. Working remotely with producer Drew Vandenberg (Faye Webster, Toro y Moi), Little Trips refined a swirling, dream-pop sound that simultaneously feels intimate and immersive.
As production on the album was wrapping up, a portal to another dimension was opened in the Little Trips studio and a mysterious figure in a spacesuit emerged from the cosmos. His name was Larry Fury. Larry’s spacecraft picked up a faint signal of a Little Trips’ song, he followed the signal to Earth but busted his spacecraft upon landing. While he waits for his home planet to receive his SOS distress signal, Larry is crashing at the Little Trips studio. He’s bummed. Larry demanded to be featured on the Downhill to Paradise album cover, manages the band’s Twitter account, crashes their photo shoots, and appears at their live shows to dance and party with Earthlings. Despite their best attempts to make nice, Larry insists that he will never be friends with Little Trips.