Luna Shade

Carib-orado Reggae Music

Luna Shade began as an Acoustic reggae duo between Jason Johnson and Andrew Kroneig from a mutual friendship in the northern Colorado music scene. After a few months, the project blossomed into a creative-driven endeavor, a collective brought together to bring a vibe people could relate with and feel serenity through expression among a life of troubled times and rocky waves. Andrew cites much of his musical inspiration from his unfortunate encounters with Hurricane Maria, Irma and other natural disasters from the 2017 Caribbean storms after being a resident of St. Croix. Preston Gray, Tyler O'Hare & Ismael Mendoza were later added with that much needed extra musicality to bring a fuller sound to their original roots tunes. Today, Luna Shade is climbing at an incredibly fast pace. Regular appearance around NOCO along with a slew of original music. The band sets their sites now on getting their name into the mind of every Colorado dub head and, soon after, further beyond into the world! Bless up!!!!