Macy Warner

Soulful, somber, passionate

Macy Warner is a 17 year old Singer Songwriter from the Loveland Colorado area. Macy plays the Baritone Ukulele, and incorporates her soulful voice, and somber lyrics together, to create unique and powerful songs. Macy started out playing at open mics that her mom forced her to go to, and later began hosting open mics at a local coffee shop in Loveland. Over time, Macy is overcoming her stage fright by opening for local bands, performing at her highschool events, and playing gigs with fellow musicians as often as she can. Macy has currently released an album, titled, “Apologies to Myself” with a lofi indie label out of Fort Collins, named, “Plotline Records”.  The album “Apologies to Myself” features a stripped down version of Macy’s first ever written songs, shining a light on several aspects of mental illness, through emotionally vunerable, and raw lyrics. Plotline Records was created in 2017 and is managed by current CSU student, Jesse Sanders. Macy and Jesse have been and recording music out of the basement of his house, but recently, Macy won Ity Ditys, “Best Original Song by a Female Songwriter Challenge”, and is now working with the company to professionally produce and release her first single of the new year. As Macy works to find her voice through her music, she hopes that her songs will be able to touch people in a way that can help them heal, and grow.