MIchael Kirkpatrick and the Honey Rider Band

Moody Psychedelic Rock

Michael Kirkpatrick assembled The Honey Rider Band in 2015 out of the desire to recreate his Solo EP Honey Rider  live on stage.  Since then, the 5 piece has stuck together to present Michael’s songs with the ferocity and passion of a fearless band that doesn’t give a shit and bleeds to have fun.  Comprised of some of Fort Collins’ finest, The Honey Rider Band is: Michael Kirkpatrick on Guitars and Voice,  Darren Radach (Stout Studios) on Drums, Justin Roth (The amazing finger-style guitar player) on Bass, Amanda Hofer (Colony Funk) on Voice and Ansel Foxley (The Patti Fiasco) on Electric Dobro.  Together, they treat Michael’s songs with an adventuresome whirl of americana, moody psychedelia and cosmic cowboy disco funk.  Wherever you roam, may you be all the way home.