Mike Yob

Saturday 10:45PM @ The Comedy Fort - Front Stage

Hello, I'm Mike, nice to meet you. You can call me Yob if you want to. I have been playing and performing music since the fourth grade (shout out to Lesher and FCHS music programs!). I started writing and playing bluegrass music at age 22 and spent 5 years of fun with legendary Steamboat Springs band “The Brew Glass Boys” learning the ins and outs of bluegrass and sharpening my chops. Since returning to FC in the mid 00’s I have mainly performed solo, while expanding in to other genres and putting more focus on songwriting. With heartfelt originals and interesting covers, I try to make every show unique. These are a few of the venues I have been fortunate enough to bring my twangy sound to: Equinox Brewing, Wolverine Farms Publick House, Jessup Farms Barrel House, Hodi’s Half Note, The Magic Rat, FoCoMX 9, 10, & 11, Bohemian Nights 2018, and The Last Waltz Fort Collins.