The Movers & Shakers

Rock and Soul!

The Movers & Shakers are a dynamic collaboration of family and friends. Live performances have become the stuff of legend in the Rocky Mountain region. The band's energy and chemistry are the result of long standing friendships and family members. Each member is either related or has one or more friendships in the group dating back a decade or more. Our style is Rock and Soul straight from the heart! We come to play!

Play what? Original music that is informed by everything from 60's soul music, blues, contemporary alt rock, and even post punk. Band member's ages range from mid-twenties to mid sixties. Anything goes. Cover tunes range from Ray Charles and Otis Redding to Blackstreet and Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats.

Audiences are moved by the unapologetic and carefree approach to music making. If it's good music it could wind up onour set list. We're The Movers & Shakers and we come to play!