My Dog Ate Chad

Energetic, Driving, Catchy


My Dog Ate Chad

Fast-rising Northern Colorado alt-rock band My Dog Ate Chad brings together indie rock and grunge, balancing the edginess of metal with the melodic, sometimes dreamy feel of folk. With fluid vocals, playful riffs, and driving rhythms, the band conveys a strong sense of ensemble, musical layering, and self-assured experimentation.

My Dog Ate Chad laces its repertoire of unique originals with unexpected interpretations of the band’s major influences, including covers of Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, and Alice in Chains. Band members include keyboardist/vocalist Matan B. and bassist Ben S., as well as guitarist/vocalist Nico C. and drummer/vocalist Jackson S., and rhythm guitarist Goose S.


Formed in 2016, My Dog Ate Chad quickly went from being their high school house band to playing prominent Northern Colorado venues such as the Old Town Fort Collins stage, CSU Summer Lagoon Series, Bohemian Nights’ New West Fest, FocoMX2018, as well as multiple shows at venues in the Front Range area.


Known for their unique sound, the band has a loyal and growing following in Northern Colorado. According to one reviewer, “My Dog Ate Chad’s musical vision is going to take them far. Their dedication, energy, and willingness to experiment and push their own boundaries make them a band to watch.”

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